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Student Profile: Shomari Tate

image001.pngShomari Tate, a second year Master of Public Policy student, is passionate about social justice, urban development, and sustainability.

He is seeking a degree in public policy because he wants to directly influence change in urban communities and develop a robust understanding of effective policy implementation. He would love to work in Washington D.C., and describes it “as the mecca of the political arena”.

Previously, Shomari graduated from Michigan State University with a political science pre-law degree. In 2016, he worked on Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign.

Shomari’s capstone research topic for the MPP program centers on crafting a “policy recommendation, which would mandate police officers to obtain four-year college degrees before joining the police force.”  His favorite part of the MPP program has been the hands-on approach to policy analysis and interpretation.

Student Profiles

Student Profile: Amanda Miller

003_amanda_miller__5-7-18.jpgAmanda Miller, a second year Master of Public Policy student, values practical experience; her favorite part of the MPP program is the exposure to various speakers from the policy world through the MPP Speaker Series and learning concrete skills to use in the workplace.

Before entering the MPP program, Amanda considered attending law school after graduating Michigan State University with her B.A. in Political Science Pre-Law. However, after taking a political science course with Dr. Shu Wang, Amanda’s interest in policy was sparked. Amanda went on to work as Dr. Wang’s research assistant, where she assisted with coding emails related to the Flint Water Crisis. As a senior undergrad at MSU, Amanda entered the MPP program as a linked student in Fall 2017.

Since January 2018, Amanda has worked at Scofes and Associates Consulting, a lobbying firm in downtown Lansing; she attends committee hearings to track legislation and gather notes on supporting and opposing testimonies.This past summer, Amanda planned Comics for Cancer, a charity comedy show to benefit Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center in Lansing.

Amanda is also a Graduate Assistant in the Office of K-12 Outreach in MSU’s College of Education. As a Graduate Assistant, Amanda assists in writing grant proposals and learns about federal, state, and local education policy.

Amanda is interested in education, health, veterans issues, and government affairs. She is interested in a career in government relations or public affairs, and enjoys lobbying, writing, and event planning. When Amanda is not working with policy, she loves to read and has a passion for fitness and travel.

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Student Profile: Cody Proudfoot

cody-proudfoot_800px.jpgCody Proudfoot, a second year Master of Public Policy student, is aiming for a career where he can solve problems through policy change. However, Cody hasn’t always felt this way. He explains, “I originally wanted to be a lawyer, but eventually found out that wasn’t the career choice for me. However, I learned about the impact of public policy on the world and wanted to continue working in the field.” Cody’s policy interests are energy and environmental policy.

In addition to being a student, Cody works as a consultant for a public policy research firm in Lansing. His favorite aspect of the MPP program at MSU is the program’s willingness and flexibility to work with employed students.

Outside of public policy, Cody enjoys hunting, going to the gym, and working on cars. He has lived in Michigan his whole life and states he has “no desire to leave” the state after graduation.

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Student Profile: Max Raphelson

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.27.49 PM (1).pngMax Raphelson, a first year Master of Public Policy student, is interested in sustainability, environmental policy and healthcare. Max is a ‘linked’ student, or a fourth-year undergraduate student, in the MPP program; he is majoring in political science with minors in environmental studies and the environment and health.

Max is seeking a degree in public policy because he desires to help others. He hopes to improve his data analysis and research skills to become an effective policymaker for his community. Max is most looking forward to working with the professors of the MPP program and meeting his new cohort.

Max dreams about moving to the Pacific Northwest after graduation and working in Portland or Seattle. He loves spending time in nature, hiking, and fly fishing, explaining “when I am not at school I love to be outside, whether that is wading through a river or simply sitting on a porch with friends.”

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Student Profile: Lauren Lahie

Lauren Lahie.jpgLauren Lahie, a first year Master of Public Policy student, spent her past summer interning with Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, through the Michigan State University InnovateGov program.In her role as a digital media consultant, Lauren updated the organization’s website and monitored their social media accounts.

Interning at a nonprofit taught Lauren about the large impact nonprofits can have on a community. She explained that “by interacting with members of the community we helped, I was able to find out the areas that needed improvement, and understand that policy can be an effective way to make positive change.”

Lauren advises future interns to not be afraid asking for help or advice from more experienced staff members. In her experience, “the people working with you are very valuable resources” and most will be eager to help you. She also recommends getting to know your supervisor and building connections for the future.

Lauren first became interested in public policy as an undergraduate student, and is particularly interested in researching the impact policies have on different subsets of the population. Lauren specializes in social justice policy, and plans to work as a political consultant in Washington D.C. after graduation.

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Student Profile: Ming Wu

ming-wu.jpgMing Wu, a second year Master of Public Policy student, is interested in public policy because she desires to solve societal problems. She is particularly interested in quantitative analysis  and using data to better understand political issues. Ming is focused on education, health, and environmental policy. She hopes to one day work for a government institution or a NGO.

Ming, an international student from China, described herself as initially feeling a little afraid before coming to Michigan and entering the MPP program because she didn’t know what to expect. Ming now feels at home, positively describing all the people in the MPP program as being helpful: “the professors, the classmates, staff, everyone is kind.” Her favorite class in the program has been PPL 801, Quantitative Analysis, with Professor Marty Jordan.

In the future, Ming hopes to live in Hangzhou, China, where she was born and where her family currently resides. Ming describes Hangzhou as the most beautiful and comfortable city she’s ever visited. Ming enjoys traveling, and has been to over ten countries, with California being her favorite destination.

Student Profiles

Student Profile: Jeremiah Grant

jerry-grant.jpgJeremiah Grant, a first year MPP student, is passionate about enacting lasting change in underprivileged communities through public policy. Jeremiah, who goes by the nicknames of Jerry or JG, entered into the Master of Public Policy program at MSU this past fall because he believes there is a need for more efficient policymaking in underprivileged areas in the City of Detroit, as well as around the United States.

After graduation, Jerry is interested in pursuing a career in lobbying. He would like to live in Washington, D.C. and Durban, South Africa. Jerry explains, “Washington D.C. is the best place to be to enact the most change,” and that “Durban, South Africa is the most beautiful place I have been in my life, and I have made friends there that I will have for eternity, and the beach is amazing there!”

In the MPP program, Jerry is most looking forward to interacting with his diverse cohort and learning from everyone’s unique life experiences; he is especially curious in how policies have affected his fellow students and their families. Jerry is excited to learn new ways to approach old issues to enact greater positive change.

Outside of public policy, Jerry enjoys running, reading, fishing, golfing and spending time with family and friends.