Student Profiles

Student Profile: Cody Proudfoot

cody-proudfoot_800px.jpgCody Proudfoot, a second year Master of Public Policy student, is aiming for a career where he can solve problems through policy change. However, Cody hasn’t always felt this way. He explains, “I originally wanted to be a lawyer, but eventually found out that wasn’t the career choice for me. However, I learned about the impact of public policy on the world and wanted to continue working in the field.” Cody’s policy interests are energy and environmental policy.

In addition to being a student, Cody works as a consultant for a public policy research firm in Lansing. His favorite aspect of the MPP program at MSU is the program’s willingness and flexibility to work with employed students.

Outside of public policy, Cody enjoys hunting, going to the gym, and working on cars. He has lived in Michigan his whole life and states he has “no desire to leave” the state after graduation.


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