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Goodman Scholarship: Lauren Lahie

Lauren Lahie, a first year Master of Public Policy student, was recently awarded the George and Judith Goodman Scholarship by the Michigan Municipal League Foundation.

The Goodman scholarship aims to create a pipeline of qualified individuals by encouraging careers in public service. This scholarship is awarded every November to a Michigan high school or college student pursuing a career in local government with a public policy or public administration degree and is intended to be used for tuition and fees related to pursuing a degree. The scholarship is funded in recognition of George Goodman, who had a long career in public service; he served 22 years as the Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal League. 

Lauren Lahie plans to pursue a career as a political consultant in local government after graduation. She explains, “The funds from this scholarship give me the opportunity to continue moving towards that goal worry-free.” Lauren encourages other students to apply for all scholarships – especially ones funded by an organization with goals or a mission that you personally believe in. 


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