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Student Profile: Lauren Hamelink

professional 1.JPGLauren Hamelink, a second-year Master of Public Policy student, interned with nonprofit organization Hands Along the Nile Development Services (HANDS) in Washington D.C. over the summer.

She connected with the organization through the National Council on US-Arab Relations’ summer internship program, and spent her time organizing fundraising events to promote economic development in Egypt and across North Africa, writing the HANDS newsletters, and attending events in Washington D.C. This internship gave Lauren a better understanding of the complex dynamics of the policy field. The most valuable advice Lauren learned from her internship was to be flexible and open to new opportunities, as you never know where they will lead.

Lauren decided to seek a degree in public policy after the 2016 presidential election because she realized she wanted to be more proactive about making a difference in the world. Lauren’s policy interests are foreign and migration policy, and she hopes to work in policy analysis after graduation. Lauren plans to live in Washington D.C. for the career opportunities, as well as the constant ability to connect with new people and participate in meaningful events. Outside of public policy, Lauren enjoys reading and playing with her cat, Lily.  



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