Student Profile: Dean Martin

DeanDean Martin, a second year Master of Public Policy student, spent his summer interning in the Environmental Affairs division of the City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department.

During his internship through the InnovateGov program, Dean created a database to store and easily locate environmental site assessments for Freedom of Information Act requests.

Dean advises students to not settle for an internship experience that they are unsatisfied with and believes internships should be focused developing one’s own skills as a professional. Ideally, Dean stated, you should feel like you are walking away from the summer with something you didn’t know before. During his internship, Dean felt there was always work to be done, people who needed help, and new skills to learn.

Dean is interested in community development, recreation, land use and housing policy and plans to stay in Michigan after graduation. He explained, “Michigan has all the resources and features I dream of in calling a place home, so staying and contributing my talents here would be my primary plan.” Dean plans to work in program administration or evaluation for a municipality after graduation. He was first inspired to seek a degree in public policy after having lunch with a city manager who urged him to consider a Master’s degree to make himself appealing to government employers. Dean took the advice to heart and entered the MPP program as a linked student during his senior year at MSU.

Dean likes cooking, reading, biking, and playing tennis and ultimate frisbee. His favorite summer memory was camping with his family along the Au Sable River in Oscoda, Michigan. 


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