Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Violet Engeu Acumo

  • last - Violet Acumoviolet - CopyPolicy Interest(s): Gender and Social Justice Policy
  • Sector Interest(s): International Non-Profit / Private / Government
  • Location Preference(s): Local / International / No Preference
  • Ideal Role(s): Researcher / Practitioner / Administrator

Violet Engeu Acumo is a graduating Master of Public Policy and a MasterCard Foundation Scholar. In addition to her MPP training, Violet is armed with significant organizational, leadership, and policy development experience. She is actively seeking a position that will challenge her and require some combination of her extensive list of talents and the ability to be a force for positive change.

Violet has an undergraduate degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, training which proved particularly useful when in top-level leadership positions in multiple organizations in her home country of Uganda, and later during her incredible internship in Tanzania and Nigeria. She is particularly adept in the organizational and human resources realms, being very familiar with performance management systems, human resources management and development, organizational behavior and communication, and marketing and evaluation.

She is also an experienced conflict negotiator, proficient in the tenets of sustainable development, and gender and women’s human rights. She even has teaching experience in leadership, integrated learning, and feminist criminology. Building upon this and her graduate specialization in Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change, Violet’s capstone project is, in her own words, “about gender and social justice policy in Sub Saharan Africa. Particularly the criminology of intimate partner violence, the complicity of sub Saharan African governments in this crime, and its policy implications.”

Outside of her MPP courses, Violet is a member of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, an initiative to educate and prepare young people – particularly from Africa – to lead change and make a positive social impact globally. Like most MPP students, Violet also participated in a summer internship as an avenue to practice some of what she had learned in the classroom. Speaking directly about her experience, she says that in the summer of 2016, she “was recruited into the Agrifood Youth Opportunity Lab Project, a $13 million research undertaking funded by the MasterCard Foundation in partnership with Michigan State University in Nigeria and Tanzania. As Associate Gender Lead, I specifically managed gender mainstreaming and policy development, with implications for recruitment and curriculum development for the project. I developed policy strategy memos for the different project partners, trained ground staff for partnering agencies, and developed psychometric tests for recruitment.”

Violet’s unparalleled drive toward justice and organizational excellence, coupled with her experience in the program, has facilitated her development as future actor for change and, in her own words, made her “set lofty goals” for herself. Violet would make a tremendous addition to any team.

Feel free to reach out to Violet by email or on her LinkedIn.

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If you have any questions about our graduating class, please contact Program Director Dr. Josh Sapotichne via email.


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