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Hire an MPP: Xiao Xing

WechatIMG16 - Xiao Xing

  • Policy Interest(s): Local Government Finance / Education / Policy Evaluation
  • Sector Interest(s): Non-profit / Private Sector Policy Research
  • Location Preference(s): Lansing, MI / Washington D.C. / or other Policy Hubs
  • Ideal Role(s): Policy Analyst / Consultant / Researcher

Xiao Xing, a graduating Master of Public Policy, is seeking to take advantage of her policy analysis and econometrics experience by working as a policy analyst, ideally as a member of a policy think tank. Xiao opted to take every econometrics course offered through the program, contributing to a thorough understanding of Stata. Additionally, she tailored her electives toward state and local finance courses, which has led her to her capstone project that is exploring the impacts of the state-mandated Deficit Elimination Plan required of cities in fiscal distress.

Xiao also participated in two internships while a completing her program. Her first was with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, which showed her how the government works and implements policy and regulations. She says that the role shaped her thinking, allowing her to more easily think academically and logically on the job. Her second internship was as a research assistant in Center for Local Government Finance and Policy. Xiao says she is seeking a position as a researcher because she “found I really enjoy looking for evidence and collect data, making incremental progress toward a larger goal”. Xiao is a big fan of stationary and hanging out with her cat, Yoyo.

Xiao can be reached via email or on her LinkedIn.

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If you have any questions about our graduating class, please contact Program Director Dr. Josh Sapotichne via email.


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