Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Warren Rothe


  • Policy Interest(s): All Things Local Government / Public Finance / Budgeting
  • Sector Interest(s): Local Government
  • Location Preference(s): Metro Detroit, MI / Michigan
  • Ideal Role(s): City Manager

Warren Rothe is a graduating Master of Public Policy seeking to use his extensive fiscal and budgetary background experience to become a city manager in Michigan. He wants to help a community craft their budget and accomplish their goals. Warren would like to remain in his home state of Michigan and is open to moving around the state but would one day like to return to the Metro Detroit area where he is from. Warren is also open to using his education and experience to work in the broader public sector because the bottom line is that he is interested in playing a role in shaping public policies that affect the residents of Michigan. One of his key strengths is his ability to narrow in on technically complex policy issues while retaining the “big-picture” understanding of how a policy is meant to work.  Additionally, Warren enjoys interacting with members of the public, policy professionals, and government officials and believes that his desire to be a team leader will serve him well as an administrator.

Warren’s experience as an MPP student at Michigan State University gave him a thorough understanding of the policy process and research methodology. He was able to use his policy interests and education to conduct research on Michigan’s financially distressed local governments and the policies and practices that enable the state’s municipalities to thrive. Warren was able to tailor his course of study to meet his interests as well. He took courses in state and local government finance, which gave him a detailed understanding of contemporary issues these governments are working through. Additionally, a course in grantwriting gave him experience with the grant making process, which led him to write a grant proposal for a community education program. Finally, Warren was able to take an advanced methodological course in public policy research to further develop his ability to analyze data-heavy policy issues. For his capstone project, Warren is examining policy actions and management strategies taken by local governments to navigate Michigan’s challenging municipal finance environment. He is particularly interested in studying how cities have grappled with increasing pension and retiree health care costs in the face of constitutional restrictions on their ability to grow revenue and recover lost property tax revenues from the Great Recession.

The resources and training of the program gave Warren the ability to work in his policy areas of interest. At the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think-tank in Washington DC, he worked with the State Fiscal Project research team and conducted research on state tax policy and analyzed state budget data. This experience allowed him to hone his research skills outside of the classroom. Warren currently works at the Michigan Department of Treasury in the Community Engagement and Finance Division. In this position, Warren gained critical training and experience working with the development of local government budgets and financial reporting. Additionally, Warren has significant experience in researching and implementing newly-enacted legislation to help local governments deal with the expensive and growing costs of pension and retiree health care liabilities that are consuming more and more of local government’s limited resources. When he is not engrossed in public policy matters, Warren is typically found playing piano, planning an upcoming trip, and enjoying a good burger.

Warren can be reached via email or on his LinkedIn.

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If you have any questions about our graduating class, please contact Program Director Dr. Josh Sapotichne via email.


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