Hire an MPP: Elizabeth Raczkowski

Many of Michigan State University’s second-year Master of Public Policy students graduated this May. They have a wealth raczkowskiE15of experience, knowledge, and passion that will allow them to put the skills they’ve acquired to good use. We’re posting profiles of all our graduates so you can get to know them—and maybe find the next addition to your firm or organization!

Name: Elizabeth Raczkowski

Ideal Job Location: Southeast or Lansing, Michigan

Ideal Job: “By combining policy research with organizational or communication activities, I would like to enter into the government or nonprofit sector, ideally working on local-level policies.”

Elizabeth is especially eager to work in collaborative environments that seek to improve the public welfare. Furthermore, she hopes to compound on her experience as a graduate assistant for the public policy program by developing a sense of community in her new environment. She would also be interested in exploring the field of government relations.

Work Experience: Elizabeth is a triple-threat of work experience, having completed three internships during her time in the program. As a research associate, she learned valuable research, project management and communication skills, as evidenced by her exemplary administration of this very blog. While interning for the City of East Lansing, she gained valuable insight into the inner-workings of a local government. Finally, working with the Wayne County Treasurer through the InnovateGov internship program, “was helpful for learning how to collaborate with different stakeholders, resolve conflicts, and analyze a difficult policy problem”. Extrapolating on this experience, she completed her capstone project on tax foreclosure law and practices in the Detroit area and even proposed effective changes based on academic literature and best practices employed by other governments.

Academic Training: Having completed all available quantitative methods courses offered to MPP students, Elizabeth is veritable expert in the methodology required of accurate and unbiased data gathering and analysis. She notes that it was important for her to understand what goes into a balanced and complete policy review process and, unsurprising given her communication skills, is keenly aware of how best to convey her findings. Finally, she points out that “one of the most important skills I’ve learned are synthesizing information from a lot of different sources and balancing different viewpoints and needs with objective information”.

Elizabeth would be a strong asset to any organization in both policy and government spheres. Please reach out to us for further information on her or any of our fantastic graduating candidates!


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