Hire An MPP

Hire An MPP: Cassie Richard

Many of Michigan State University’s second-year Master of Public Policy students will be graduating this May. They have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion that will allow them to put the skills they’ve acquired to good use. We’re posting profiles of all our soon-to-be graduates so you can get to know them—and maybe find the next addition to your firm or organization!

Headshot_Cassie_Richard.jpgName: Cassie Richard

Ideal Job Location: United States

Ideal Job: Cassie plans to work in a role that involves program and policy evaluation in the nonprofit or public sector. The MPP program has helped her gain valuable skills for an evaluation position in state or federal government or at a philanthropic organization. Eventually, she would like to obtain an executive role or run for public office.

Work Experience: Cassie is a former AmeriCorps Vista member. She explains, “I contributed to a grassroots driven policy initiative. Seeing the way in which all the cogs moved in this machine from the community advocates to the local City Council members to the city administrative departments fascinated me.” This experience and the desire to understand more was an important motivation for applying to the Master of Public Policy program.

Throughout her time in graduate school, Cassie has worked as a graduate assistant for the Global Urban Studies Program. Her work involves research and data analysis that requires interpreting complex information.

Last summer, Cassie was selected for a highly competitive Oregon Summer Fellow position through the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. She successfully completed an enriching experience in local government.

Skills and Academic Training: Cassie appreciated the MPP program’s Policy Evaluation course as well as the policy issues course Poverty, Inequality, and the Social Safety Net. These courses have sharpened both her quantitative and qualitative skills.

She is applying what she has learned through coursework and her experiences to her capstone project. This project is an evaluation of the implementation of a financial education program. This program is part of the Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps, hosted by Community Economic Development Advocates of Michigan (CEDAM).

Cassie states, “I hope to work in a position that is challenging and allows creativity. I am very interested in pursuing an evaluation position where I can assist the organization determine the impact of their programming, resources, or policy.”


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