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Spring PPL 891 Courses Explore Public Management and State and Local Finance

logoPPL 891 courses give Masters of Public Policy students the opportunity to explore policy issue areas in greater depth. This spring, students can choose from two sections:

Section 1, taught by Dr. Shu Wang of the Department of Political Science, deals with management in the public sector. Students will learn about the importance of everyday management and operations in government. They will explore how public managers are constrained by external factors, but also how opportunities may be found in difficult conditions.

This course is an excellent option for those with an interest in public management. Students will use case studies to relate practice to administrative theories, helping them form a better understanding of how to apply their policy knowledge to management and real world decision making.

Dr. Shu Wang received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to public management, her research includes state and local finance, fiscal federalism, and intergovernmental relations. She has also served as a consultant and financial analyst.

Section 2, taught by Professor Ron Fisher of the Department of Economics, focuses on state and local finances in the United States. These sectors play a significant role in the national economy and fund many basic services. Students will learn more about how the local and state government systems operate and gain a greater understanding of the challenges and policy options they face.

This course is especially relevant for students interested in state and local government policy.

Professor Fisher received his PhD from Brown University. He specializes in state and local finance issues and has served as a consultant to many government bodies. He is also a former Deputy State Treasurer for Michigan and the author of the renowned text on state and local public finance.


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