Faculty/Instructor Profiles

MPP Students Learn from Dr. Margaret Brehm in PPL 891 – Poverty, Inequality, and the Social Safety Net

maggieBoth first- and second-year Master of Public Policy students have taken the opportunity to enroll in this semester’s PPL 891 course, Poverty, Inequality, and the Social Safety Net. Taught by Dr. Margaret Brehm, this course allows students to acquire valuable information and skills related to redistribution policy and the social welfare system.

Each MPP student takes at least two PPL 891 courses, which allow them to explore a policy topic in greater depth. Dr. Brehm’s course incorporates elements of many policy areas, including child welfare, health care, education, and wealth distribution. Poverty is a key issue covered in this course, which incorporates both economic and policy perspectives.

Students report that this course has helped them better frame their thinking about these important issues. They find the topics extremely relevant to today’s environment and to their future working in policy-related fields. Like all MPP courses, this class emphasizes applying theoretical concepts and techniques to practical policy problems.

Margaret Brehm completed her PhD in Economics in Spring 2016. Her specialty fields are labor economics, public economics, and the economics of education. She also teaches an undergraduate course, Economics of Poverty and Income Distribution.

She hopes that this course teaches students to relate what they learn in the classroom to social welfare problems. It is designed to help them make realistic and informed decisions about these policies.

The MPP program is thrilled to have Dr. Brehm teaching this course this semester as well as PPL 813 Public Finance in the spring.



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