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MPP In the Summer, The Places They Go: Alexa Malesky

Alexa Malesky

Alexa Malesky is a linked-student in Michigan State University’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) program who will complete her degree in 2017. Being a linked student, Alexa graduated in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science Pre-Law while concurrently working on her master’s degree.  This summer, Alexa has been interning with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy as an education policy intern, and has had many opportunities to utilize what she has learned in the classroom in her internship.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy seeks to improve the quality of life for Michiganders by developing research and promoting these findings in the policy area. The organization focuses on enhancing individual citizen’s liberty and independence, a stance that Alexa fully supports.

Through her internship, Alexa has been tasked with collecting demographic, financial, and academic data to enhance research tools. She has also had the opportunity to write for the weekly publication, the Michigan Education Digest. Most recently, she has been updating the superintendent contract database and researching Detroit charter school transportation practices. These experiences have allowed her to get an inside look at the workings of a think tank and expand her knowledge of education policy. She has also been exposed to fiscal, labor, and economic policy through the Mackinac Center for Public Policy Intern University, which holds a weekly speaker series that provides interns the opportunity to listen to and network with prominent speakers in various areas of policy.

Alexa has been enjoying her internship and is very grateful for the experience she has received this summer. Her career goal has been to work in a state policy think-tank, and her internship has helped confirm this goal. Her internship has helped her grow as a professional while also solidifying her passion for education policy. She looks forward to the rest of the summer and is excited to see what other experiences she can gain from her internship.


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