2016 Capstone Posters Show Off MPP Students’ Breadth of Interests, Depth of Analytical Skills

April 14 was in many ways the culmination of everything that graduating students in MSU’s Master of Public Policy program have learned and worked on over the last two years. At the Capstone Research Forum, held in MSU’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, MPP second-year students showed off posters highlighting key findings from their capstone research projects, which addressed a diverse range of topics, from pensions in rural China to municipal finance in Michigan.

If you couldn’t make it to the forum—or if you did, and want to revisit some of the research presented—here’s your chance to see our students’ excellent posters. Click on the titles below to view full-sized PDF files of the posters.

The Ripple Effect: Collaborative Watershed Governance and Social Learning
by Julie Cassidyjulie

Does China’s New Pension Policy Crowd out Children’s Support for Their Parents?
by Shuting Deng


Importing Economic Vitality: The Entrepreneurial Role of Michigan’s Immigrants
by Abram Huyser-Honig


The Impact of Foreign-Born Populations on Michigan’s Economy
by Juan Loaiza


How Michigan Failed Flint: A Tragedy in Three Decisions
by Daniel Casey-Dunn


Reassessing the Certificate of Need Controversy: Has Market Regulation of Healthcare Services Helped Contain Costs in Michigan?
by Mike Cnossen


Reducing Racial Disparities in Healthcare Coverage
by Lauren Faulkner


Has the Post-9/11 GI Bill Improved Education and Employment OUtcomes for Post-9/11 Veterans?
by Haoshu Duan


The Effects of Energy Efficiency Policies on Electricity Consumption and Rates
by Eric Houghtaling


Assessing the Love Affair Between China and Africa: Popular Perceptions of China’s Involvement in Africa’s Development
by Eva Tetteh


If Detroiters See It, Will They Pay? Income Tax Compliance and City Services
by Sean Tobin


Exploring How Sub-Saharan Africa Nations Can Improve Primary School Completion Rates
by Pauline Wambua


From Warfighter to Crimefighter: The 1033 Program and Police Militarization
by Sean Weston


Hidden Costs of China’s One Child Policy Reforms: Finite Resources and Gender Imbalance
by Xiaodi Zhu



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