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Haoshu Duan: Using Research to Alleviate Poverty and Unemployment

A few months from now, Michigan State University’s second-year cohort of Master of Public Policy students will be graduating. These 15 individuals bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to put the skills they’ve acquired to use. We’re posting profiles of all our soon-to-be graduates so you can get to know them—and maybe find the next addition to your firm or organization!


Name: Haoshu Duan

Ideal Job Location(s): Haoshu is applying to Ph.D. programs—and looking for internships!—in various locations in the U.S.

Areas of Interest: Alleviating the poverty rates and unemployment rates among low and moderate income families.

Academic Training: “The training of MPP program provided me with valuable tools for in-depth research and analytical thinking,” says Haoshu. She highlights courses on advanced quantitative methods, public finance, and management as among her favorites. She notes that in addition to the MPP core courses, she took three electives from the Sociology Department: Race and Politics, Inequalities, and Social Constructs. These classes, she says, “provide me with solid theoretical perspectives to study trends in income inequalities, poverty, and unemployment.”

Professional Experience: Haoshu has worked as a Research Assistant at MSU on several projects. One of these projects analyzes the wage gap between immigrant and native-born women in the U.S. Haoshu’s role has included cleaning and coding data collected from public databases, developing predictive models, and performing statistical analysis. Haoshu also conducted a survey and carried out statistical analysis for another study evaluating the effects of post-9/11 G.I. Bill educational benefits on economic outcomes of post-9/11 veterans.

“These two research experiences fit well with my interest in how public policy can contribute to alleviating poverty rates and unemployment rates among moderate income groups,” Haoshu says.

Besides her research work, Haoshu says, “I am also active in practical areas.” Last summer she assisted a program called the Summer Institute on China, a three-week “studying by travelling program” for high school students from California. Haoshu coordinated with different stakeholders, was in charge of scheduling the group’s daily itinerary, assisted translation in conferences, and conducted a program evaluation at the end.

 You can connect with Haoshu on LinkedIn at:



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