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Marcus Coffin: Passionate about Urban Economics


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A few months from now, Michigan State University’s second-year cohort of Master of Public Policy students will be graduating. These 15 individuals bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to put the skills they’ve acquired to use. We’re posting profiles of all our soon-to-be graduates so you can get to know them—and maybe find the next addition to your firm or organization!

Name: Marcus Coffin

Ideal Job Location(s): Southeast Michigan or Lansing, Michigan. Longer term, possibly relocating to East Coast.

Areas of Interest: Marcus would like to obtain a position working on urban economic issues or state fiscal interventions (though he’s open to opportunities in a diverse range of sectors). Marcus is also considering pursuing a law degree or applying to Ph.D. programs.

Academic Training: Marcus is part of MSU’s linked BA-MPP program. He says his graduate-level coursework opened his eyes to “the acute need for policy analysis and expertise in many governments,” and motivated him to “invest whole-heartedly in policy.”

“My favorite courses in the program have been the Policy Evaluation course (PPL 806) and Policy Development and Administration (PPL 808),” says Marcus.  “While I have found all of my courses within the program to be deeply fulfilling, I feel that these courses best illustrated for me how practitioners can take the qualitative and quantitative toolkits that are developed and apply them to real issues and organizations.” Marcus has also enjoyed gaining knowledge on specific issues through electives on topics such as municipal finance.

Professional Experience: During the summer of 2015 Marcus interned with the Office of the Mayor of Detroit, working on a project designed to improve collection of the city’s income tax. “This experience provided me with enormous insight into how economic decisions are made within city governments, as well as providing me with an introduction to the types of issues and constraints that face Michigan’s cities,” Marcus says.

During his final year in the program, Marcus has worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Josh Sapotichne, working on a study funded by the Mott Foundation to analyze the impacts of state emergency management policies on municipal finances.

You can connect with Marcus on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcus-coffin-74312730  


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