MSU MPP Linked Program Provides New Opportunities


Students seeking the opportunity to complete their Master degree faster now have the chance. Through the BA-MPP Linked Program, students can start work in the field of public policy sooner than a traditional two-year graduate program would allow. Michigan State University’s Departments of Political Science and Economics have come together to create a comprehensive five-year Linked Bachelor and Master in Public Policy Degree Program.

“Completing them both within five years is saving me time, money, and effort, not only now but also in the future,” said Linked candidate, Sean Weston.  “The information and techniques I learned in my undergraduate studies are all still fresh and help me greatly in the coursework for my Master.”

The Linked program caters to students who want to pursue professional careers in policy analysis, program management, and policy advocacy. How it works is by allowing MSU undergraduates to apply up to 9 approved credits from the undergraduate level to their Master degree requirements, or vice versa.

The MPP Linked program has come with great excitement as its candidates have found many benefits to taking this route.

“One of the foremost benefits of being a linked student was having access to the resources of the MPP program, as well as resources reserved for undergraduates,” said Marcus Coffin. “One of the most useful skill-sets developed during the program is acquired through the quantitative sequence, as quantitative skills are occasionally neglected during the undergraduate experience in the social sciences, but they are demanded and coveted by employers. Interpersonal skills, teamwork, reading ability, and writing skills are also honed during the program.”

“In these few short weeks with the MPP program, I have been surrounded by great people and there has already been multiple opportunities to expand my knowledge of different policy issues. I look forward to seeing what all the program has to offer,” said Alexa Malesky.

Since the linked BA-MPP program’s start in 2011, there has been overwhelming positive feedback from both faculty and staff. The Linked program has provided a pathway to combining both undergraduate and grated level work to effectively place students on a track for success in the field of public policy.

If you are interested in learning more about MSU’s MPP Linked program, please visit: ( or contact Professor Valentina Bali at


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