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MPP in the Summer, The Places They Go: Abram Huyser-Honig


Abram Huyser-Honig will be graduating from Michigan State University’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) program in spring 2016. He joined the program last fall after a decade of working in the nonprofit sector in Central America.

This summer Abram is working with the Analytics and Strategic Projects team at MSU’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. He works closely with ASP director Corey Washington and Research Administrator Harriet McTigue (a 2013 grad of the MPP program) to help MSU leadership make better-informed decisions regarding hiring, compensation, and academic and research priorities, based on hard data and statistical analysis. Abram’s work involves gathering data from a wide variety of MSU databases as well as external sources such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Reporter and Google Scholar, cleaning and combining this data, while using a variety of analytical methods to answer questions like “What areas of medical research would it be most strategic for MSU to focus on in the coming years?” and “Which departments are most successful at obtaining federal grants, and why?”

Over the summer Abram has also continued his ongoing work as an editorial consultant to, an investigative news website published by the Transparency International chapter in Honduras. An unprecedented protest movement has swept the country in recent months, born out of widespread public frustration with corruption. Revistazo has played an important role in bringing to light the details of corruption scandals implicating some of the highest-ranking elected officials in Honduras; the site has experienced nearly 100,000 visits in recent months, has generated thousands of shares and comments on social media, and several of its investigations have been reproduced by the country’s print, television, and radio news media.



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