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Hire an MPP: Qiang Feng

FengQ_112013Qiang Feng a 2105 Master of Public Policy graduate, came to Michigan State University with two undergraduate degrees including: a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Bachelor of Forestry and Economic Management. Qiang’s interest for the MPP program was sparked following his internship experience in local government that brought his attention to policymaking.

During the MPP program Qiang most enjoyed the quantitative methods courses. He felt that the nature of the classes provided a deeper and better understanding of statistics. This in combination with courses that provided real practical application he expects will be extremely beneficial in his future career path. Qiang believes that these courses were especially effective under the guidance of a faculty body that is filled with passion, positive attitudes, and willingness to help accommodate any academic problems.

While in Linfen, Shanxi, China, Qiang worked for the Yaodu Municipal Government. His primary responsibility there was to assist the Director of the Economic and Information Technology Committee. He controlled the preparation of administrative documents related to the industrial regulations and laws for energy sectors within Linfen City. Following graduation from the MPP Qiang hopes to return to work in the Chinese local government sector.

For Qiang’s final Capstone project he explored the impact of China’s gender imbalance (i.e., more males than females) on crime. He chose this topic due to the growing gender imbalance in China occurring with a simultaneous increase in crime rates. Due to this phenomenon he looked to explore and analyze a possible relation between the two trends.


Connect with Qiang by email through his MPP profile page


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