Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Meijun Dong

Meijun Dong is a recent 2015 graduate of Michigan State University’s Master of Public Policy program. Meijun came into the program with a bachelor’s degree in Labor and Social Security from Zhejiang University in China. During her time in the MPP program she was able to expand on this degree through further studies in public policy analysis and US policies. Together she has used this as an opportunity to enrich her knowledge and learn implications for Chinese policies.

While in the MPP program Meijun particularly enjoyed the economics based courses. She felt that the quantitative methods courses were both practical and helpful towards analyzing policy. Courses such as Policy Evaluation and Public Administration provided the opportunity to make real world applications that she looks forward to being able to utilize in the future.

Meijun has gained hands-on experience through several past internships. The first was for an HR office of a chemical industry, where she helped to improve their performance evaluation system and training program. Next she worked at a life insurance company’s headquarter focusing on countrywide group insurance. Here she investigated client companies along with data processing and analysis.

Following graduation Meijun looks forward to applying her areas of education to valuable work experience through policy analysis. Ideally to carry this out she would like to return to China and gain employment in a public institution that focuses on policy. Meijun feels that her final Capstone project has given her confidence in her future career development as she aligned it with her internship to maximize understanding and realistic application. Her topic focused on the barriers to veterans’ employment. Through her research she has found that recent post-9/11 veterans currently face a more severe job market in comparison to previous veterans. She has focused on the veterans’ training program and looked deeper into barriers to employment and subsequent possible solutions.

Connect with Meijun by email through her MPP page


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