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Hire an MPP: Michael Ignagni


Michael Ignagni is a graduating Michigan State University 2015 MPP program candidate. Originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Mike went on to Kalamazoo College where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Following his time there, he began community outreach work in Detroit, fueling his interest in community organizing. This led toward his pursuit of a degree in public policy that would allow him to learn about the “behind the scenes” policy efforts.

During Mike’s time in the MPP program, he most enjoyed the blend of quantitative and qualitative courses. He found that the second and third installment of quantitative methods proved to be very useful courses in understanding the importance of quantitative analysis for policy analysis. Given Mike’s interest in health policy, his final capstone project studied public survey data that looked at whether the public supported congressionally proposed health care policies from 1995-2002, and whether they were adopted. He found that, similarly to previous studies, health policy adoption was susceptible to the opinions of those in higher income brackets as well as to the scale of the proposed change.

Mike has accomplished a variety of work experiences. Utilizing his degree in psychology, he worked in a public school system with the special needs population and their families. He also started a community organization called “AlterGather” that focuses on breaking down both the cultural and physical barriers Detroit and its neighboring suburb Grosse Pointe. Most recently he has been working as a Behavioral Technician for Residential Options Inc. where they specialize in applied behavioral analysis therapy for children with autism.

Upon graduation, Mike anticipates to utilize his unique background in the Michigan autism policy process. Due to his previous experience working directly with children, Mike would like to have the chance to advocate for them legislatively. Recently, Michigan passed autism legislation that has presented him with an exceptional opportunity to get involved in a field where awareness is constantly growing. Having seen the struggle that children with special needs and their families go through, Mike hopes to make his long-term career goal to advocate on their behalf.


Connect with Michael by email through his MPP page


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