2015 MPP Capstone Forum


Keran Zhu (MPP ’15) presents his research at the 2015 Capstone Forum.

On April 14, 2015, MPP at MSU hosted the second annual MPP Capstone Forum. The Forum, a successful gathering of students, alumni, faculty, family, and friends, allowed graduating students to present their final research projects to the public.

Attendees commented on the students’ ability to present complex quantitative research in an understandable manner and on the interesting, relevant topic selection. We hope to continue connecting students’ academic experience with research on real-world policy problems, and we welcome comments and suggestions from students, alumni, and practitioners as we look to improve the event and capstone experience over the next year. A heartfelt thank you to those who joined us and supported the event, particularly the Departments of Political Science and Economics and alumni Neal and Amanda Hegarty. Please look out for information on the 2016 Forum soon!

MPP_Capstone_2015-23MPP_Capstone_2015-27MPP_Capstone_2015-29MPP_Capstone_2015-12MPP_Capstone_2015-20MPP_Capstone_2015-4 MPP_Capstone_2015-28MPP_Capstone_2015-40


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