2015 Capstone Event Preview

GraduatinDSC_0969-2g MPP at MSU students are putting the finishing touches on their research as they prepare for the presentation of their final work at the 2nd annual MPP at MSU Capstone Forum. Each student is working with a faculty advisory committee and MPP Director Valentina Bali to conduct independent quantitative policy research on a topic of interest.

Research topics include:

  • Term limits and state legislative polarization
  • Gender-based differences in political participation
  • Veterans and barriers to employment post-9/11
  • Impact of State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) program design on enrollment, costs, and outcomes
  • Gender imbalance and crime rates in China
  • Impact of year-round schools on performance, truancy, and discipline
  • Congressional responsiveness and public opinion on health policy
  • Democratic development and the evolution of the financial crisis in Southeast Asia
  • College football recruitment, organization, and team performance
  • Higher education sexual assault reporting after the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL)
  • Impact of local economic development strategies on local official assessments and unemployment
  • Police investment and efficiency and declining crime rates in Thailand
  • Housing purchase restrictions and real estate prices in China
  • State OSHA provisions and worker safety
  • Determinants of corporate over-investment in China
  • Renewable energy development and energy prices

Register today to join us on April 14 to learn more about these exciting topics and network with students, faculty, and alumni!

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