Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Kasey Bey

20150226_100430Kasey Bey entered Michigan State Universities Master’s of Public Policy Program (MPP) looking to challenge herself academically in order to pursue new research interests. She hopes to use the knowledge she has gained in the program to further her work with non-profit, the arts, community development, and sustainability, as well as human rights and social justice with a focus on women’s and children’s policy issues.

Kasey’s background has given her ample practice in political roles. She began working in Lansing for the Michigan House of Representatives in 2009 serving the constituents of the 95th District, helping them access information about programs and services issued through the State of Michigan. In 2011 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from Saginaw Valley State University she began full-time with the 95th district as a Legislative Assistant. In this position, she managed a legislative office, attended meetings and events, continued constituent relations, and built relationships with policymakers, legislative staff, and constituents of the Saginaw area. In 2014 she started working for the 13th district State Representative, Andrew J. Kandrevas as a Legislative Assistant where she assisted the Downriver area with constituent relations, organized legislative mailings and e-newsletter updates, and scheduled legislative meetings and events. Most recently she has begun working as a Legislative Assistant for State Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood of the 6th district. Here, she manages constituent letter writing and tributes, social media, and works on state policy research and analysis. Reflecting upon these positions, she feels humbled to have had the opportunity to serve in the public service sector. Her experience in the Michigan Legislature has developed her professional skill set.

During her time in the MPP Program, Kasey has enjoyed making use of statistical analysis in order to conduct policy evaluations and identify political feasibility. Overall her classes have helped prepare her to one day work in the non-profit sector, advocating for policies benefiting both women and children.

For the final Capstone project, Kasey will analyze the gender gap in Michigan by examining policies affecting women’s reproductive rights, annual earnings, and overall gender equity in society. Kasey will seek to identify gender differences in attitudes toward civic participation and political behavior. This approach will allow her to determine if women differ from men when voting, whether they differ on issue preferences, and potentially whether a women’s role in society is affected by certain participation resources and opportunities.

After graduation, Kasey looks forward to applying her Capstone research and continuing her career in public service to enhance the well-being of communities within the state of Michigan.

Contact Kasey through her e-mail and bio page on the MSU MPP website.


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