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Hire an MPP: Tom Frazier

230851_4622206244370_1250676011_nCurrent 2015 graduate candidate, Tom Frazier came to Michigan State for the Masters of Public Policy Program to pursue altruistic goals through means of policy implantation. He previously received his undergraduate degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration with a concentration in Public Budgeting and Finance from Grand Valley State University. There he was able to practice through United Way of the Lakeshore, were he worked on grant applications and fundraising appeals. Tom believes through the knowledge he has gained from his degrees and experiences, he will be able to utilize the government as a force for good through health care policy. He began his interest in health care growing up around hospitals due to his mom’s profession as a nurse. He aims to serve in this field through a start as an administrative assistant or analyst. He hopes that this will lead him to positions that provide the opportunity to partake in policy meetings resulting in a career as a senior analyst. In this position he seeks to focus on health care or nonprofit budgeting.

During Tom’s time in the MPP program he most enjoyed the quantitative methods courses. He felt that they provided mathematical skills that will foster success in both the public and private sector. He has learned to always question the data given to him in order to achieve the best and most accurate results. In addition Tom felt that the program further helped make the most of his experience through the immense support of faculty.

Tom has had the opportunity to apply his experience in the classroom to his work for Muskegon’s grant coordinator, Judy Kell. He collaborated with her on the Michigan Pathways to Better Health Program, which is funded by a grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. This program sends Community Health workers out to help those who have chronic conditions learn to manage them more effectively. For this project Tom specifically carried out a time study of the community health workers to design and implement reimbursement models for after the grant period is up. Next he was in charge of ensuring that each Community Health worker filled out the necessary applications to be able to bill for their services.

Aligned with Tom’s area of interest, he has chosen to conduct an empirical analysis of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for his final capstone project. SCHIP is a federal-state partnered program that insures children whose parents make too much for them to qualify for Medicaid coverage, but do not make enough for them to afford health insurance on their own. Through this topic he will be exploring if state-level program designs have a significant effect on enrollment and expenditures for the program. Due to the recent upheavals within the health care industry, as implementation of the Affordable Care Act is underway this topic will remain a critical area of policy.

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