Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Stephanie Lawalu

Lawalu_092014Stephanie Lawalu enrolled in Michigan State University’s Master of Public Policy program seeking to help better the lives of those in Indonesia through education and policy development. Stephanie originally began working towards her passion in public administration through her undergraduate program at Nusa Cendana University in Indonesia. Stephanie came to MSU seeking a set of applicable skills in policy that she would later be able to utilize to improve the government in Indonesia, and she feels that the program’s courses have given her the training she needs to do so. Stephanie hopes to apply the quantitative skills she has gained in a variety of policy areas and is open to working within different levels of NGOs or within the government. Serving as an analyst for the government that will further the country’s development is something that she would find extremely fulfilling. She would also like to apply her knowledge through work at Indonesian universities to promote education for others to gain these skills and stimulate political and economic expansion goals within the country.

Stephanie gained exceptional experience in policy beginning in 2008 working at the Nusa Cendana University International Relations office. During this time she worked as the project administrator on a cooperative project in collaboration with Nuffic, an NGO from the Netherlands. This capacity-building project promoted efforts to grant funding to the University for improved management in both the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry departments.

For Stephanie’s final Capstone project she will utilize her first-hand knowledge of the Indonesian economy to study the country’s 1997-1998 financial crisis. She feels this is an ideal topic for utilizing the economic and political base of the MPP Program, as the financial crisis was responsible for influencing Indonesia’s democratic reform. She will explore policies of the time and the effect they had on the country’s turning point. She was drawn to this issue because fifteen years after the crisis, Indonesia is still working on reforms that seek to enhance democratic and economic performance. Understanding this event will help to identify which types of policies to avoid in the future in hopes of preventing a recurrence of this type of political instability.

Connect with Stephanie at her LinkedIn page


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