Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Herve Mukuna

HerveOriginally from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Herve Mukuna decided to pursue a career in public policy because he likes to solve problems. His training in public policy has provided him with the skills needed to tackle the complex social, economic, and political challenges of the world today. Herve has the tools necessary to define the scope of a problem, gather and analyze relevant data, and present sound policy solutions.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree in economics at Salem State University, Herve worked as an economic development program assistant for the Enterprise Center at Salem State Univeristy as well as holding leadership positions in the student government and other student organizations. Since then Herve has worked for the Michigan Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education as a research and data analyst and as an assistant community director. As assistant community director he oversaw eight resident advisors as well as helping to plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive community and student development program. Herve is currently working as a research project assistant for the Afrobarometer. At Afrobarometer Herve assists with quality control of all Afrobarometer data and research reports, producing country-specific reports, and reviewing survey results.

One aspect of the program Herve found very rewarding was the capstone research project which was a great opportunity to put his training into practice. For Herve’s capstone project he examined the impact of foreign aid on the standard of living in Sub-Saharan Africa while also seeking to identify how donors and recipient countries can make development assistance more effective. Herve would like to use the interdisciplinary training he acquired form the MPP program to work for either a public or private organization analyzing policies, programs, and data as well as conducting research and managing projects. His long term goal is pursue a career in public service in which he can utilize the training and skills he has developed in his academic and professional experience. Herve is particularly interested in using his skills and knowledge to create and implement public programs related to economic and international development in developing countries. Learn more about Herve’s experience and contact him via his LinkedIn page.


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