Hire An MPP

Hire an MPP: Mike Sayre

sayreMike Sayre (MPP candidate ’15) has enjoyed his time with the MPP program and is looking forward to the opportunity to use his training in the professional world. Mike entered the MPP program without a specific interest in a particular area of policy and has had opportunities to explore several different areas of interest from labor policy, higher education policy, and transportation safety policy. One of the things he appreciates about public policy is the ability to adapt, learn, and apply his skills to new issues as they arise.

Originally from Dexter, Michigan, Mike began his undergraduate career at Washtenaw Community College before transferring to the University of Michigan, where he received degrees in history and political science. His undergraduate studies focused on foreign policy and Eastern Europe and Russia in particular. Mike spent three months teaching English in Russia after completing his undergraduate degree and still works to maintain his Russian language skills.

Throughout his time as an undergraduate Mike worked for the ICPSR Summer Program which trains graduate students in advanced quantitative methods for the social sciences. Here Mike met Professors William Jacoby and Saundra Schneider, both political science faculty at MSU. When Mike expressed interest in returning to school to pursue a graduate degree, he was encouraged by Dr. Jacoby and Dr. Schneider to consider the MPP program at MSU and he is grateful for the guidance and mentorship they provided him.

Mike would have a difficult time deciding a favorite course of the program but having the opportunity to participate in the public policy analysis course as a student and then as a teaching assistant was a particularly rewarding experience. The opportunities to explore many different areas of policy has been very useful for Mike and has helped him determine where his interests are and how he can have an impact on issues he cares about. Mike’s capstone research project will explore the outcomes related to recent efforts made by higher education institutions to address the problems associated with sexual assault on campuses. Through his research Mike has found that this complex and sensitive issue is being approached in many different ways with differing levels of success. Mike hopes that through his research he may be able to provide some insight into which policy reforms may or may not be working and provide recommendations for successful strategies.

In addition to his academic activities, Mike has been a valuable part of the MPP team during his time with the program. He serves as President of the Public Policy Students Association and has been an integral part of the development of our social media efforts.

After graduating Mike plans on moving to Washington DC to pursue work related to his capstone project, or his interests in management and the federal government. In his free time Mike is an avid motorcyclist and outdoor enthusiast, often combining the two and taking long camping trips on his motorcycle. Learn more about Mike’s experience and contact him via his LinkedIn page.


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