Alumni Survey Results Part 1

We have started to analyze our MPP @ MSU Alumni Feedback Survey and would like to share some of the initial results.

We were fortunate to have 85 respondents from throughout the history of the MPA/MPP program, with most coming from recent graduating classes.

Grad year

Our respondents work in all levels of government and throughout the policy world:

Where work

Alumni were asked to rate aspects of their experience with the MPP/MPA program, which gave us a clear picture of what we are doing well and where we need to improve.

rate exper big

We then asked respondents to rate the training they received from the MPP/MPA program in a variety of skills. Here we present responses to the five most highly rated skills of the twelve skills in our survey:


We then asked respondents to rate how important these skills are for their current work. Again, here are the five most highly rated skills of the twelve skills from our survey:


With a clear picture of how alumni rated their training and how important that training is for their current work, the MPP program can better prepare students for the challenges they will face in the policy world. Respondents were also asked to comment on the best part of their time in the MPP/MPA program in an open-ended question. Responses covered many areas but some themes quickly emerged. First, alumni that were able to participate in an internship found that experience to be incredibly useful in starting their career. Second, many found their capstone projects to be very rewarding, especially if they were able to work closely with practitioners throughout their project. The proximity of the program to the state capital was very beneficial for alumni as well. Lastly, a common theme for many respondents was the value they found in their statistical training as they started their careers.

Respondents were also asked if they felt their degree was worth the effort needed to obtain it.

Worth it big

Lastly alumni were asked if they would like to engage with the MPP Program and how they would like to do so.


We will be reaching out to respondents who indicated their interest in engaging with the MPP program soon! Next week we will share more results from the survey, focusing on areas where respondents felt the program needed to improve and how we are working to incorporate these suggestions.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who completed the survey. Your responses have been wonderful and given us a lot of insight into the history of the program as well as where the program might be going. This survey will be a very important tool for building the MPP program and we are grateful for your time and thoughtful responses!


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