MPP Speaker Series

Distinguished Speaker Series: Michelle Fecteau

FecteauMichelle Fecteau got her start in advocacy as a student at Michigan State. Beginning with her work as a community and labor organizer, she has built a career advocating for workers and economic justice. From her experience as a mother and foster parent, she began to advocate for children and special education students in Michigan schools, and she currently serves on the State of Michigan Board of Education in addition to her full-time role as Executive Director of the Wayne State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

She shared with students that her background in political science gave her a good start as she entered the professional world, but she noted that the ability to understand complex policy and need to be vigilant about the process are things that have to be learned through experience. She emphasized the importance of elected officials keeping open lines of communication with the public and cited former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington as a role model for her approach to representation.

We thank Michelle for the lively discussion about Michigan education policy and appreciate her taking the time to share advice and lessons from her career in advocacy with students!



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