Student Profiles

Student Profile: Keran Zhu

Keran Zhu (MPP Candidate ’15) has already completed two internships during his first year in the program. As an intern for Organization for Action, he coordinated volunteer efforts around policies such as the Affordable Care Act, increasing minimum wage, and global climate change. In his second internship with the Sierra Club, Keran assisted on political campaigns. Keran is an ambitious and motivated student who is certainly making the most out of his time in the program.

Keran Zhu entered the MPP program in the Fall 2013, and is anticipating completing the program in 2015.  He earned his BA in Journalism at Renmin University of China, and as an undergraduate student, he did an internship at the World Resource Institute and Beijing Times.  He is interested in environmental policy as well as visual communication.  Currently, his goal is to create a new area where policy-making and mass media can be combined.

He is now working for ING magazine and hopes to work for an NGO or the media after graduation.


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