Welcome to MPP at MSU

As Department Chairs of, respectively, Political Science and Economics, the two Departments that jointly administer the Master of Public Policy program, we are excited by this opportunity to reach out and keep connected all of those shaped by and invested in the MPP and MPA programs at MSU. Our presence on social media is emblematic of our recent efforts to continue enriching the program. The first annual MPP Capstone Research Forum in Spring 2014 provided the momentum for some remarkable new initiatives. The program is re-invigorating the MPP internship experience by seeking to offer high-quality internships in both Lansing and Washington D.C. The MPP program is reconnecting with our alumni through speaker series and events that will allow us to seek feedback and to stay engaged with alumni policy-related activities. Finally, the program will launch a new set of career services for our students, which will include internships, networking, and job placement. All in all, this is an exciting time to be involved with the MPP program at Michigan State University. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working in partnership to continue the program’s growth.


Professor Charles W. Ostrom, Jr.

Chair, Department of Political Science


Professor Carl Davidson

Chair, Department of Economics


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